Surge Suppression

Can you afford to replace that flat screen TV, blue ray disc player, computer, or other high dollar electronic device?

Let All Seasons Electric design and install an integrated surge suppression system to protect your home or business.

All Seasons Electric is on Intermaticís exclusive list of TVSS (transient voltage surge suppression) installers. We can design a system that will protect your electronics from transient surges. We not only protect the line voltage power supplies but also the phone and cable lines that are susceptible to transient voltages. Donít allow another contractor to install a protective device that only protects your service conductors and leaves you vulnerable to back door threats that can be carried on your cable or phone lines.

All Seasons Electric employees multiple levels of surge suppression significantly dimensioning the threat of damage beyond the single panel type surge suppressors installed by the other guys. Donít be fooled into thinking that your valuables are protected from surges by a single panel mounted source or a plug strip. In fact, some plug strips may not only leave you vulnerable to voltage surges but may also become a fire hazard. A search on the internet will show multiple incidences of fires caused by substandard suppression devices commonly available at electronic or local stores.

All Seasons Electric uses Intermaticís line of surge suppression devices that utilize varistors with higher MCOV (maximum continuous operating voltage) to insure that your electronics are protected and to further ensure that the chances of a fire are mitigated unlike some of the other products available or installed by the other guys.

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