What To Look For In An Electrician

When choosing a electrician it's important that your electrician is experienced and knows what they are doing. So that the project is completed to standards and is safe. Saftey is especially important in your home. According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) as of May 3, 2005 almost 75 percent of all reported structure fires occurred in homes and the average American spends up to 75 percent of their time in their home. With 78 to 83 percent of all fire deaths contributed to home structure fires you can't afford to take chances with your electrical system. Furthermore, according to the United States Fire Administrations annual report for 2005 of the 800,000 residential fires nationwide, approximately 75,000 began in the homes electrical system. Your home is probably your single largest financial investment, don't leave its security up to untrained persons. Rely on All Seasons Electric Inc. to provide you with a safe, economical, and reliable electrical installation.

When looking for an electrician, All Seasons Electric Inc. recommends that you look at these six factors before making a choice.

  1. Look at the companies means of advertising. Large adds means greater overhead which is passed directly onto the customer (YOU). All Seasons Electric Inc. relies primarily on repeat customers & customer referrals with a low advertising budget. This enables us to provide superior service at low rates.
  2. Make sure your electrician is licensed, insured & has experience compatible with the job you are wanting to complete. Many companies employ electricians that specialize in one aspect of electrical installation. For example, a residential construction electrician may not have the skills or experience necessary to trouble shoot or perform maintenance let alone install conduit. Inversely, a commercial construction electrician may not understand common residential construction techniques which dramatically slows remodel installations & may even require significant drywall repair. All Seasons Electric Inc. employs only well rounded electricians with experience in residential, commercial & light industrial remodel, maintenance & construction. We are fully licensed & insured.
  3. Don't leave your electrical needs up to a plumbing, HVAC, or handyman company. Their training may only include fundamental electrical knowledge. With the National Electrical Code being updated every 3 years & with ever changing technology available, it is imperative that your electrician be well trained & have the licensing necessary to provide a safe & reliable product. All Seasons Electric employs several electricians with more than 15 years experience. Our primary goal is your electrical needs and unlike the plumbing, HVAC, or handyman company we won't try to sell you a new shelving package, hot water heater, or furnace.
  4. Watch out for the gimmick. Remember there is nothing in life for free. Give away products or promotions have to be made up in the form of higher labor or other material rates. For example, a Denver HVAC company gave its customers a box of cookies with an AC installation. According to inside sales staff, the customer was never made aware that they not only paid for the cookies, packaging, and delivery but also a 20% mark up on those free cookies. All Seasons Electric is concerned with your electrical needs not gimmick. By eliminating gimmick, we often save our customers 10%, 15% or even as much as 50%.
  5. When accepting estimates don't except the highest proposal but by no means should you except the lowest proposal either. High proposals usual reflect large company overhead, or the contractors inability to properly man a project. Inversely, the low proposal reflects that the contractor will either substitute inferior material, unskilled labor, or has missed a vital portion of the contract. Watch out for exorbitant extras as an attempt to recap loses. All Seasons Electric advises its customers through out the job providing valuable insight as well as recommendations that often save our customers hundreds if not thousands of dollars. Furthermore, the product that we provide usually exceeds customer expectations.
  6. Finally, be aware of contractors that pay their employees on commission. There are multiple companies out there that charge a low fee to arrive at your project. This fee goes back to the company and not to the electrician. The electrician does not earn an income unless he or she sells you something needed or not. All Seasons Electric pays its employees on an hourly basis. You pay for the work you requested period. This saves our customers approximately 20% over these other contractors.