Aluminum Wiring

Aluminum Wiring

The problem with aluminum wiring-

Aluminum wiring was widely used in the 1960 through the early 1970’s for home branch circuits. Those are the circuits used for your lights and outlets. It was determined that the aluminum wire, when used for the smaller branch circuits, produced a higher rate of electrical fires and electrical faults. As a result some insurance companies will not insure properties with aluminum wire when used for these types of circuits.

Continue reading to discover the known causes of electrical problems with aluminum wiring.

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Second, as aluminum oxidizes, it forms an aluminum oxidation at the micron level that is highly resistive. Resistance in a circuit causes heat. The more heat in a circuit, the more resistance, the more resistance, the more heat. This condition is self-perpetuating. As mentioned above, this condition can lead to fires or damage to connected loads.

Third, connection of dissimilar metals causes an electrochemical event where the aluminum conductor usually becomes the anode or the point in the circuit where oxidation occurs. This electrochemical process causes rapid deterioration of the metal which usually results in conductor failure causing short circuits, fires, and equipment damage or circuit failure.

Finally, the properties of aluminum cause for the rapid expansion and contraction of the metal during normal usage. This process can actually loosen terminations either at the screw terminals of a device such as an outlet or light socket or even at the wire terminals such as a panel or wirenut connection.

There are a couple of different remedies for the branch circuit wiring mentioned above.