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Wiring issues

Is your home more than 30 years old? Are you worried about the possibility of a fire but don’t have the money to re-wire your home or business? Do you have 2 wire outlets and 3 wire plugs? Do have outlets that are not GFCI protected near sources of water? Do you have AL wiring?

Let All Seasons Electric help protect your biggest investment weather it is a home or office.

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Some of the common problems associated with older wiring is that the temperatures that the circuit conductors were originally designed to withstand do not coincide with the high temperatures induced by today’s modern equipment.

This can lead to a deterioration of the conductor’s thermal barrier which make the conductors brittle and can actually expose the conductor’s current carrying parts leading to shock hazards or the potential for electrical fires. Furthermore, the original circuit layout employed in earlier construction can lead to circuit overloading which again can cause thermal deterioration of the circuit conductors.

To help mitigate the possibility of fire in older wiring we can employ a variety of safety factors to ensure the security of you and your assists. We employ the following techniques to insure your safety: