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Home automation and lighting controls

Home automation has come a long way in the past few years. It is no longer limited to the rich and famous.

All Seasons Electric can provide complete home automation down to specific lighting controls. We have experience with Lutron Radio Ra; Colorado VNet; Intermatic Home Settings; and Leviton Vizia RF. Wouldn’t it be nice to pull up in your driveway and control lights with out exiting your vehicle? Let All Seasons Electric light your way.

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Home automation can enable the user to control lighting, heating, air conditioning, security cameras, as well as integration with new appliances remotely via the internet or from various locations through out the home or business.

With the installation of a home automation system you can switch lighting from your car upon arrival or exiting. You will never again have to leave your car to turn off that one light that was left on. You can also program rooms for certain “scenes” where preset levels of lighting can be obtained with the touch of a single switch or via remote control. Additionally, security lighting can be controlled with out getting out of bed, leaving your car or from a remote location via the internet. Furthermore, you can be notified if a motion light, motion sensor, or other device is actuated via e-mail.

Security cameras can be installed so that indoor or outdoor locations can be monitored from a single TV or from multiple TV’s throughout the structure or even from the internet. These systems offer the entire family or business owner a degree of security. Look in on the baby’s crib, view toddlers in the playroom, check on the children in the back yard, know who is ringing the door bell, see loading docks or security doors, view cash registers. And, with advanced IR technology, cameras can be installed indoors or outdoors allowing the user to see with almost no lighting.

Home automation can also control HVAC equipement which means that if you are away from the house or buisness you can check or adjust heating or cooling settings by simply logging on to the internet. This allows remote changes of the system saving money and preventing that trip back to the home or business.

New appliances will integrate RF tagging with built in computer displays which will allow you to know when the milk is bad or will inform you when you need eggs.
The best thing about many of the products we install is that they are completely wireless which means no drywall patching or painting.